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beautiful photos in London?


How to ‘clean’ dirt on photos


A few weeks ago one guy left a comment under one of my photos on Instagram saying: ‘It’s interesting how do you manage to capture empty streets of London!’ I didn’t realize that indeed all my photos tend to be without people on it. The truth is that I just wait for the right moment […]

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9 Moments of January 2016

What, is it February already?? At the beginning of the year everybody was praying to get it through to February as soon as possible and here we are. 1st of January, 00:01, club in Brixton. I didn’t make any wishes and didn’t think about New Year resolutions. And I should say it feels so good! […]

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9 Moments of December 2015

9 moments of december ok but first coffee

December was the month when we finally moved into our new flat and I had my first British Christmas. We have finally moved to the top floor 2 bedroom flat in South East London with a huge terrace overlooking rooftops. When I was having coffee one Saturday (photo above) I surprisingly realized I have always […]

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5 Fundamental Rules of Mobile Photography

Today I want to share with you how you can make your mobile photos look more professional. You don’t need an expensive DSLR to take clear and sharp photos, whether it’s for your blog, Etsy shop or just for Instagram. I know some photographers who have used their mobile shots for big marketing posters, so […]

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How To Fix Perspective In iPhone Photos

how to fix perspective in iphone photos katya jackson

Not a long time ago I found a trick how to make a photo of a building much better. You know when you see a beautiful object and want to snapshot it in the way you see it, but then when you check your phone you realize that perspective is wrong? Instead of a perfect […]

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