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beautiful photos in London?


Snowy London

snow in london ok but first coffee

I woke up this morning to finally see my dream came true – it’s snowing in London! I got very excited to see Central London covered in snow so I basically ran there. By the time I got there (after of course being stuck in a tube tunnel for a while) it all melted. Still, […]

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Celebrating the art of coffee at Costa in Brixton

ok but first coffee costa coffee brixton 7

This week I had a chance to visit a Costa store in Brixton that had been recently refurbished to create speedier service and a fresher in-store environment. They did an amazing job! The store looks very modern and trendy, space is big but still makes you feel cosy.   The Brixton Costa launched a new […]

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Resource Library

resource library for bloggers and instagrammers

Here is the list of resources and tools I use for travel planning, photography, maintaining and monetizing my websites and social accounts. When I first started blogging, I used free platforms and that was enough. Just because I always wanted more I have never stopped discovering and learning about new opportunities and services that make […]

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How to travel business class for £25

London Packing List Summer Ok But First Coffee

As much as I love planning trips in advance I enjoy making spontaneous trips. Last spring when I got redundant at my previous job and was sitting at home and thinking what to do next, I decided to go home and visit my family (also, being without a job in Russia is much cheaper than […]

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How to Display Your Instagram Photos


I don’t really miss the time when we only had film cameras, but I do miss printing out my photos and organise them in albums. Each printed photo had some meaning when nowadays we can take thousands of photos a day and they will be buried either on our phones or laptops. At the same time, […]

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An Instagram Guide to Iceland

What to do in Iceland - Black-sand-beach-Iceland

  For Easter, I was thinking of going to New York but my friend convinced me to go to Iceland. Why not? I saw a lot of amazing photos of this place and of course wanted to go there too. I didn’t spend a lot of time preparing for this trip, I only looked at […]

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5 of My Favourite Online Classes on iPhone Photography

Katya Jackson London Ok But First Coffee

One of my favourite online platforms to learn new skills is Skillshare. I’ve been a member of this community for almost 2 years now and from time to time I binge watching creative and business related classes. My favourite courses are of course about photography. What I like the most is that they are quite […]

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