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10 Day Trips for Londoners this Summer


I was filling in my calendar for June the other day and realized there were only 11 weekends left this Summer. At first it seems like you have plenty of time, but in reality, I already see myself at the end of August surprised where has this summer gone. The weather in passed May was […]

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8 Picturesque Villages to Visit in The Cotswolds

8 Cotswolds Villages to Visit in England Katya Jackson

The Cotswolds are full of delightful houses built from local limestone, originally funded on the profits of the medieval wool trade. It’s not a county in itself as some may think, but rather an AONB which stands for Area of Outstanding Beauty. The Cotswolds is large area and some of its villages are located far […]

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Instagram Guide to New Zealand. Part 1: North Island

Things to see in New Zealand Hobbiton

New Zealand is truly an amazing country with breathtaking scenery. The natural landscape looks like it’s been already photoshopped with enhanced vibrancy and colours. You really feel like you are in the setting of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. We only had 3 weeks for both islands and decided to spend […]

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How I plan my travels

katya jackson how to plan travels

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a system of planning trips that work quite well for me. I’m one of those people who like to plan most of the things in advance. This saves not only my time when traveling but also helps not to spend a fortune. In addition to that, beautiful photos […]

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Snowy London

snow in london ok but first coffee

I woke up this morning to finally see my dream came true – it’s snowing in London! I got very excited to see Central London covered in snow so I basically ran there. By the time I got there (after of course being stuck in a tube tunnel for a while) it all melted. Still, […]

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Resource Library

resource library for bloggers and instagrammers

Here is the list of resources and tools I use for travel planning, photography, maintaining and monetizing my websites and social accounts. When I first started blogging, I used free platforms and that was enough. Just because I always wanted more I have never stopped discovering and learning about new opportunities and services that make […]

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How to travel business class for £25

London Packing List Summer Ok But First Coffee

As much as I love planning trips in advance I enjoy making spontaneous trips. Last spring when I got redundant at my previous job and was sitting at home and thinking what to do next, I decided to go home and visit my family (also, being without a job in Russia is much cheaper than […]

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