Meet the Londoners

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Today is 2 years since I moved to London. Even though I was super excited, I was deeply sad to leave my family and friends in Saint Petersburg. A woman at Russian border control tried to cheer me up saying that my passport is valid for the next 10 years and I can visit home often. The moment I landed in London I was back to my normal mood of being excited about starting a new adventure.


2 years have passed quickly and I feel like I have always lived in London. I believe that certain places influence us to do or not to do something. For example, Budapest was all about partying and I couldn’t be bothered of doing anything else. In London I’m constantly inspired to embrace creativity and challenge myself as much as possible. This city can be very exhausting, yes, but at same time it gives so much energy I don’t have time to spend it all. Ideas are in the air; incredibly aspiring people are around – a perfect place to live.


What I love to do the most in London is to explore it with a camera. Today I wanted to share Instagram accounts of 10 Londoners – my favourite source of inspiration. Some I even met in person. I asked them 2 simple questions:


1) How would you describe London in 3 words?
2) What is your favourite location to take photos of London?


Dave is the founder of the largest Instagram community about London – @London

‘I keep saying ‘London Is Everything’ because the culture of London is all encompassing. Favourite place to photograph at present Hyde Park but the light need to be perfect – sunrise or sunset’

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Julie is the award-winning blogger and a Top 20 travel Instagramers.

‘International, world-class, metropolis. The mews in Kensington’

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Siobhan is the founder of @prettycitylondon and @theprettycities communities with the prettiest photos of London and other cities.

‘For me London is obviously totally pretty-multi layered and never boring … Although I spend a lot of time in west/central London for me you can’t beat Shoreditch – for stunning facades, street photography and the best coffee shops.’

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Being a travel and lifestyle photographer Elena captures the best moments of London street life and it’s beautiful architecture.

‘London is exciting, diverse and energetic. I love that in London you can find a bit of everything – I equally love colourful pretty houses of Notting Hill and hipster vibe of Shoreditch. For classic views of London South bank is a great spot too!’

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Alex is a local French blogger and expert of colourful Notting Hill. 

‘Colourful – Lovely – Eclectic. Without any doubt, Notting Hill! It’s where I live, the place I know the best in London. I love wondering around the colourful streets of this neighbourhood and I don’t think I can ever get tired of it!’

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Ron is a freelance photographer based in South London. His specialization is Street, Landscape, Cityscape and Portrait photography.

‘3 words to describe London – Unique, Diverse and Unpredictable. Favourite Location at the moment would be Broadgate.’

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Robin is an amazing London photographer! There are a lot vintage cars and interesting shots of Victorian London in his feed.

‘Diverse. Inspiring. Absorbing. It’s  hard to come up with a single favourite place to take photos, as each area has different qualities & on a different day, with different weather & different light you can find focus & a new way of looking at things. I tend to find I’m happiest when I find a little corner of London that I haven’t explored before!’

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Olga describes herself as a Global citizen based in London. She is also a very kind and nice girl.

‘Electric. Cosmopolitan. Magnetic. Favourite place is constantly changing. Depends on the mood and time of the year. Now it’s probably East London.’

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Together with a friend, Steffi is a founder of @welovetobrunch and @housesofldn. She knows the best places for a brunch in London 😉

‘Cosmopolitan, vibrant  and continuously evolving. I would have to say Notting Hilll, just love this neighbourhood and it always provides photo photo opportunities – no matter how many times I visit.’

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In my opinion Mendy has the best photo captures on entire Instagram!

‘For three words to describe London, I am definitely saying ‘city of contrasts’, Rich and poor, old and modern, traditional and cutting edge – London encompasses them all. My favorite location to take photos is Soho. I love going first thing in the morning, when things are starting to open. By afternoon, the most interesting people will be out. It’s very urban, and suited for candid street photography. My favorite bakery is also nearby, so that may influence me quite a bit.’

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