Story Coffee in Battersea

This coffee shop has everything I like: big windows along the walls, a corner location, minimalistic interior design and not so many people. I was actually quite surprised to see only one person there on Saturday morning. Most coffee shops open till 5 or 6 pm and usually they are very crowded at the weekends. Very typical for London.

Every time I want to try a green coffee but end up ordering flat white. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed at all, their coffee is to high standard. Lounge music is playing that makes me want to stay there all day. I am always curious who is that person who picks these tracks for coffee shops. I would buy an album if there was such. Sometimes I feel like a blond girl when using Shazam to save a song I like.

I take my seat to sign postcards ( I like to send them to my friends from places I visit) and to read about a coffee festival in Shoreditch where I could not get in unfortunately.  Well, why couldn’t. I got there by the midday, looked at that half a kilometre line and decided to go to VIP entrance for £18 (okay, I would have gotten a bag..). The line there wasn’t any shorter and it was absolutely unclear where it begins and where ends. I had promised myself to try again next year and walked away to check out food stalls on Brick Line.

It is a bit off the map, but if you find yourself at Clapham junction one day and all the trains are cancelled, walk up St. John’s Hill and check out Story Coffee ∗






Where? 115 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1SZ  View Map

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