A Coffee Shop in A Public Toilet?

Yes.. A former underground Victorian toilet has been converted into a coffee shop. Original tiles, urinals and even the cisterns remain the same. I read about The Attendance a few months ago in Time Out, and came across it accidentally.

This toilet was built at the end of 19th century and was not in use for another half century. Nowadays it’s said to be a unique espresso bar in Europe.

I walk through the door and stop for a moment being speechless. Baristas are laughing, it seems everyone has the same face when they get here for a first time. All the tables (and some urinals) are busy,  Jamiroquai is playing in the background. It’s time to try a coffee here. I ask a barista what is his favourite drink and he says as an Italian he prefers a cappuccino.  While I’m still coming to terms with the interior, he convinces me to try the carrot pie of the day.  Well done!

I would prefer of course to sit down at the table by the big window overlooking the busy street, but only urinals are available, so there is no choice. Indescribable experience …

Unconsciously trying not to touch the white ceramic (with difficulty) I start to think that 50 years wasn’t enough to get rid of that familiar public toilet smell.“Table, table, I only want a table” – I grumbled. Lots of people come there to get a coffee to take away, it’s really good here ∗




Where? 27a Foley Street, London W1W 6DY  View Map

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