Holborn Grind


You can easily ‘buy’ me with a place where interior designers did their best to make it look simple, but perfectly beautiful, where staff is friendly and the food is delicious. I come to Holborn for a brunch with girls and realise that I’m half an hour early and dressed not for this English summer weather. Holborn Grind is on my way and I get in for a cup of hot coffee to get warm.

“Hey you alright?” – asks barista while I am taking photos. This confuses me a lot. He suggests to buy a croissant or a banana cake. I reply with something like ‘Thank you’ and start looking for a perfect place to sit down. It’s been a bit more that a year in England and I’m still not used to these famous small talks. 8 of 10 times I take a way too long pause to think what to reply.

One of co-founders is an Australian Dj who is famous for his old single I like the way you move. I personaly prefer lounge music in coffee shops, but this style suits here the best. They bring me my cappuccino and for the next 10 minutes I look at big city life through the big windows there. It seems there aren’t many tourists and only londoners are passing by. I could have been siting here and watch these people all day, but it is already 1:55 and I have to go to meet girls ∗

Holborn Grind London


Holborn Grind London Holborn Grind London


Holborn Grind London Holborn Grind London


Holborn Grind London Holborn Grind London

Where? 199 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7BD  View Map

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