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Meet the Londoners

ok but first coffee meet the londoner instagram

Today is 2 years since I moved to London. Even though I was super excited, I was deeply sad to leave my family and friends in Saint Petersburg. A woman at Russian border control tried to cheer me up saying that my passport is valid for the next 10 years and I can visit home […]

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10 Ideas for a street photo in London

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee

When my parents ask me what I do in London in my free time I say ‘I love doing street photography!’. They are like: ‘What? You just photograph a street? Like any street? A road? A wall? What?” Well…yes and no I answered. And then they came to visit me in London and my dad […]

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London Travel Kit Giveaway

  Yes, I’m giving away ‘OK BUT FIRST COFFEE‘ bag full of goodies! Enter Giveaway right here. It will take 5 seconds >>> What am I giving away: A Cotton Bag to carry stuff around (also good for shopping!) Milk Chocolate Truffles – my favorite! Water Bottle to stay hydrated Notebook to write down your […]

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9 Moments of March 2016

Ok But First Coffee London Blog 9 Moments of March

Here is my monthly update in 9 photos from my Instagram feed. I like to keep my memories in such a way, so preparing a post in this category brings me a lot of joy and self reflection at the same time. I knew March would be crazy because I planned a LOT. And it […]

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7 Views of St. Paul’s in London

Madison rooftop bar - rooftop of One New Change shopping complex, EC4M 9AD St. Paul's tube

  I remember when I first came to London I was taking photos of every corner without thinking about composition, rules of thirds and other important things from 5 Fundamental Rules of Mobile Photography. When I had a lot of ‘so-so’ photos I got really frustrated and started to think about how other people take […]

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Curators Coffee Gallery + Where to buy coffee beans

Curators Coffee Shop London Ok But First Coffee

This coffee shop was on my list for quite a long time. It’s located near hell Oxford Street, and I guess it’s the main reason I’d been avoiding it. Interestingly, it wasn’t overcrowded when I got there, maybe because there are not many tourists in London now. Or maybe they simply don’t know about this place… […]

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9 Moments of February 2016

OK But First Coffee 9 moments of February

Winter is over (only on a calendar) and it’s time to sum up February in 9 pictures. If I was to describe February in just one word it would be ‘Cold‘. It’s been bloody cold! But it seems that magnolias are fine with such weather and have decided to start blooming all around the city. […]

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