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Let’s Go To Cape Town

Cape Town to do list Ok But First Coffee

If I’m not mistaken it was Autumn of 2000 when we were studying world explorers at geography class. The teacher wasn’t able to keep an order in a class and everyone was talking and not paying attention to what she had to say. But not me. I was so intrigued and fascinated by those people […]

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How to Compose your London Photos like a Pro

How To Compose Your London Photos Like a PRO

“Remember, the composition is important, but also rules are meant to be broken,” says Steve McCurry, an American editorial photographer best known for his 1984 photograph ‘Afghan Girl’. “So the main point is to enjoy yourself while you’re photographing and photograph in your own way and your own style.” Instead of rules, let’s talk about […]

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Lisboa <3

What I love doing the most is planing my trips and booking this time in my calendar. Yes, I’m a planning geek… Anyway, I recently went to Portugal for work and small holiday after. Lisbon is the place where I got an idea of starting this blog. I was very excited to back and explore this […]

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5 Mistakes You Make on Instagram

People keep asking me questions about Instagram and I simply can’t help but write about this social platform on my blog. I’ve already shared my ideas on ‘Why I love Instagram without taking endless selfies’ and ‘3 fundamental steps to grow your following’. Then for one week only I offered a free Instagram Audit where […]

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Lavender Farm in London

When you think about a big city what do you picture yourself? Probably a lot of commercial and residential buildings, shops, monuments and some parks. What I love about London is that you can have such amazing places as lavender farms right in the city! Yes, it’s not in the centre, but still not that […]

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How I edit my photos for Instagram

I take all my photos on iPhone. It’s easy, quick and always accessible when I need a camera. I got a lot of questions about how I edit my photos I post on Instagram and here is a tutorial for you. It took me a few months to find the edit style I like. I […]

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