10 Day Trips for Londoners this Summer

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I was filling in my calendar for June the other day and realized there were only 11 weekends left this Summer. At first it seems like you have plenty of time, but in reality, I already see myself at the end of August surprised where has this summer gone. The weather in passed May was surprisingly good, it was sunny almost every day. I really hope it will stay like this forever… joking! Anyway, this year I’m focusing on exploring the UK rather than going abroad. I’m spending my time on Pinterest looking for picturesque and beautiful places to go (Btw, you can follow me there for the UK travel inspiration).

You probably have already been to ‘obvious’ and most popular travel destinations from London: Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and perhaps Bath. Even though these places worth a second trip, I’ve tried to make a list of new and not yet so popular places to visit.

Ok, so below are 10 ideas for day trips this summer (or any other time of the year, if you read it when summer is already gone!). There are 4 categories depends on what you fancy most. This is also my list of places to visit or to come back again.


We have to accept that we probably will never be able to enjoy warm swim anywhere in the UK, going to the beach can still be a good idea. Luckily for Londoners, it takes about an hour and a half to get to the beach.


If you are an oyster and seafood biggest fan, this town should be on your list to visit. If not, then go for Whitstable Castle, beaches and a walk in a harbor.

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Besides of 7 miles of beaches, the main attraction of this place is the longest pleasure pier in the world. The first settlement in Southend is thought to have been a 6th century Saxon village. How cool is that?

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If you prefer cities and towns to beaches, here are a few options for you. For some places, you might want to stay overnight to explore surrounding areas. Not to mention, it’s easier to get to cities than to some remote locations.


This place has a long history going back to prehistoric times. The main landmark Winchester Cathedral is one of the largest in Europe and incredibly beautiful inside. I went there a few years ago and I would definitely go back again.

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Let me start by saying that this city is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and was built by Romans (2 facts that make a place attractive to me straight away). The list of things to do includes visiting Canterbury Cathedral, strolling through really old lanes and taking a photo of a crooked bookshop called King’s English Bookshop.

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One of the furthest locations in this list, York is about 2h away from London and a must visit place in England. The best introduction to York is a free walking tour organized by Association of Voluntary Guides to the City of York (http://avgyork.co.uk/) They will take you to the main parts of the city and you can decide later where to come back to explore more on your own. Read my ‘York City Guide’ here

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The main and maybe only difference between a city and a town is having a cathedral. I could have put all these places together but I like order and structure so here are 3 towns for you to visit.


Colchester is a picturesque provincial town in the county of Essex, and the geographical region of East Anglia. It is commonly regarded as the “oldest recorded town” in England. This town is full of pretty Medieval houses and cute streets to walk around. Read ‘6 Places to See in Colchester‘.

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Bradford on Avon

You could have seen this photo of Victorian tea rooms before and didn’t know it’s in Bradford on Avon! Apart from that, there is a picturesque bridge and a hill with lovely little streets and cute houses. Stay in this gorgeous farmhouse



I think this place doesn’t need an introduction. Apart from visiting William Shakespeare’s home, there are a few more places associated with his family. And of course, there is a theatre, where they perform famous plays.

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Manor Houses

Now onto beautiful palaces and gardens. I recommend becoming a member of National Trust, it will save you money. A monthly fee is only £5.95 a month as an individual or £9.50 as a couple. Unfortunately, not all Manor houses belong to National Trust, but the list of properties, gardens, and villages they own is impressive. The choice is enormous.

Blenheim Palace

A beautiful house built in baroque architecture style is a birthplace of Winston Churchill. The estate is privately owned by Duke of Marlborough and to visit this house you will have to pay £27. Pricey, but beautiful!

Day Trip from London Blenheim Palace Katya Jackson
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Waddesdon Manor

This house was built in French architecture style as a summer retreat and a party venue of a banker and politician Baron Ferdinand. This is a dog-friendly estate and there are several 1-1.5h walks to take. Good news – National Trust Members come for free

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