How did I find a perfect local coffee shop – La Moka


There are several little things that can make those early mornings more pleasant. For me, the first is not to oversleep and to wake up with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And given that at the moment I don’t have either a coffee grinder or a coffee machine, I have to rely on the coffee at the office. The story today is about what I believe in – that coming out of your comfort zone will pay off one day and why.

There are different ways to get to the place where I work in Chelsea and I used to stick religiously to one route only. It was very convenient and I never thought about which way to go every morning because it was always the same. But one morning I decided to try another route, even though it seemed to be longer. And guess what. I found a very small local coffee shop that brews great coffee!

When I’m lazy to cook breakfast at home, I just leave a bit early and go to La Moka. As I mentioned, it’s super tiny but there are three tables outside and they are often busy. I have never seen this place empty, and I pass it every day at 8:30 am. I think they have even started to recognise my face every time I come in 🙂 For my personal comfort I like to have a nice local place to go and this coffee shop is now one of them.

Another ‘pay off’ is a nice 15 minute walk along Thames. Such a good way to start a day! What makes you happy in the mornings? ∗









Where? 141 Battersea High St. London SW11 View Map

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