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Ok But First Coffee | Labour and Wait | Simple Things Store | London

I started talking about trendy places in Shoreditch and Redchurch Street earlier this week. A minute away from ‘Barber and Parlour’ there is the ‘Labour and Wait’ shop offering functional products for the home. I like that the idea of simplicity and minimalism is becoming more and more popular nowadays. For me personally it means people become more conscious of what they buy and why, without being obsessed with unnecessary shopping for the sake of owning an item. Or I just would like to think it’s like this.

Interestingly, the shop is located in what was a pub previously. You can tell this from its exterior – glazed green tiling, which is coming from the early 20th century. It is also one of the most photographed places in Shoreditch. ‘Labour and Wait’ sells items for the house (espresso makers from £25.00, jars from £4.50, etc) and accessories (bags from £55.00) among others. I get always hooked by a book selection about London life, for example ‘A portrait of Hackney‘, ‘Drivers in the 1980s‘ and ‘I’ve lived in East London for 85 and 1/2 years‘.

I have decided to include some interesting shops to this blog for several reasons. Firstly, visiting and exploring a new city always includes local shopping experience. Along with enjoying artisan coffee shops in London, the idea is to share other non-touristic places like this. And secondly, I really like all new creative ideas that people come up with. Checking out unconventional stores, exhibitions or meet ups keeps me constantly inspired and happy.

Now I have a question for you: how do you decide what do you want to see and experience in a city you are going to? Please let me know in the comments below ∗

Ok But First Coffee | Labour and Wait | Simple Things Store | London

Ok But First Coffee | Labour and Wait | Simple Things Store | London

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