Authentic Italian Delicatessen You Don’t Want To Miss in London

Ok, But First Coffee | Lina Stores | Authentic Italian Delicatessen

Last time I lived abroad I fell into the usual trap when you postpone all sightseeing (museums in particular) until the very last moment when it’s time to pack up and leave. In my last 2 weeks in Hungary, I visited more places than in the entire year before. I already see the same thing happening to me here in London. This time it is a bit trickier as I moved here indefinitely but at the same time I know I won’t stay here forever. So the question is whether to plan to see stuff now or relax and enjoy everyday moments.

I was in Soho on Saturday when my friend Tanya called me and made it inevitable to go to National Portrait Gallery. Yeay! On my way to our meeting point, I passed this very unique Italian delicatessen Lina Stores, which I immediately decided to share on the blog.

It surprised me to discover that it’s been there for about 70 years! And the same family still runs this place. Believe me, it’s pasta heaven – all shapes and types! I always knew Italian cuisine was one of the best in the world with carefully selected jars, sauces and sweets proving me right. I really like family-run businesses, because you feel like a guest in their home.

They also serve proper Italian coffee, and there are tables outside to have it outside as well as to try some food. This time I only got Neapolitani Biscuits (‎£7.00) which I finished all almost immediately. Sorry Kayla Itsines and Bikini Body Guide… By the way, I have survived till the week 22 (those who know what BBG is – hello!) and I felt I deserved that small cheat bag of delicious rewards.

If you have Italian friends who feel homesick or miss authentic Italian pasta to cook at home, please make them happy by sharing this post. Ciao! ∗










Where? 18 Brewer Street, London, Soho, W1F 0SH View Map

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