BirdHouse – a coffee shop in Battersea you didn’t know about

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I’m trying to have it as a rule that I eat breakfast out on Saturdays. During the week I’m always in a hurry – I only have time to quickly eat porridge with berries and to buy a take away coffee at La Moka. But Saturday morning is finally the time to enjoy the most important meal of the day. We usually go to Jack’s at Junction for ‘Eggs Benedict’ or ‘Eggs Florentine’, but most of the time you have to stand in a queue… I had never queued for a breakfast in my life before I moved to London. Shortly after I got here I realized sometimes it really worth spending 15-20 minutes to enjoy a delicious meal.

Queuing in England is like doing sports: there are certain rules, everybody knows what they are supposed to do and you can get ‘punished’ for breaking those unwritten regulations. Lol. 

Even though the food is super delicious at Jack’s, last time we went to the coffee shop called Birdhouse. I went there a few times and always found it busy and this made me want to go there even more.  It’s just next to Story Coffee that makes it impossible to leave Clapham Junction without a good cup of coffee. 

I’ve ordered what have become so popular nowadays, the Kenyan beans (Kiunyu AA) brewed in Aeropress and Bread and Butter Pudding. Can’t say what I liked more, both were tasty and new to me. Coffee didn’t have that specific strong flavor you get in flat white for example, but rather light and soft taste. It also kept me energized for about 5 hours, which was really helpful before a busy day ahead. Although I’m not the easiest person to sell things to, nor the biggest fan of cakes and sweets, baristas still always manage to sell me a desert as well 🙂 That pudding is one of those you would recommend to your friends – it’s a bit moist and has pears inside

It can sounds crazy, but I really liked their yellow coffee cups! What I usually see is black or blue ones from Acme Cup Co (or red in Holborn Grind), but these really stand out from the crowd. The interior itself is a combination of grey and yellow, which makes this place very different from other coffee shops in London. As I’m moving out of Battersea soon, Birdhouse will be missed as nice place to try something new

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Ok But First Coffee BirdHouse

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Where? 123 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1SZ  View Map

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