How to Display Your Instagram Photos


I don’t really miss the time when we only had film cameras, but I do miss printing out my photos and organise them in albums. Each printed photo had some meaning when nowadays we can take thousands of photos a day and they will be buried either on our phones or laptops. At the same time, I love how iPhone allows me to take really good photos and it’s always with me. I’ve been thinking about printing some of my photos for some time when I found Inkifi, a company that will turn your photos into a beautiful art. I ordered 30 polaroid prints and they look so cute!

I’m planning on printing some photo books, but actually, there are lots of other ways of displaying Instagram photos. Below is the selection of ideas I like and want to do as a DIY project (I’m not going to tell you how many ‘I will definitely do it’ projects I have haha but this one seems very promising).

1. Framed Prints

framed prints for instagram

I like the simplicity of this idea, looks very pretty and minimalistic. The main problem is how to choose only 9 shots?

2. Gallery Frame

gallery frame instagram photos

You can get something like this at Inkifi, they call it ‘Instagram Gallery Frame’ and you can pick 35 photos.

3.  Poster

poster instagram photos

If you don’t like frames, you can simply get a poster with your photos of choice. It’s actually quite big – 70 cm x 50 cm and also has 35 photos.

4. Wood blocks

wood block for instagram photos

When I have my own work place with a view over the ocean… ok when I have at least my own beautiful desk, I will get one of these wood blocks and print out my favourite photos.

5. Photo Books

photo books inkifi instagram photos

A photo book is for sure my next project and I have already started sorting out my photos. Actually, I want to order 2 books, but I hope to get at least one done this year.

6. A frame with wires and clips

Frame with flower wires and clips

I saw this idea a long time ago and never had a chance to do it myself. Here are cute letter clips and white wires for you on Amazon.

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7. Photo Clip String with Lights

photo clip string lights intagram photos

So cute! Not sure my husband will like this idea, but maybe if I had my own office/desk… 🙂

8. Clipboard Photos Display

clipboard photos display for instagram photos

Clipboards is also a great idea, I also like the overall look of this wall.

9. Calendar

clip calendar instagram photos

Calendar is something I’m thinking about for the next year, please let me know if you would be interested in London theme 🙂

10. Travel Journal

Travel Journaling with instagram photos

Not really a display option, but a very good way to keep travel memories. For this you will need a portable printer, for example HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

11. Arrange photos on the wall

instagram photos display ideas

I call this option a ‘freestyle’ decoration. Basically, just get your Instagram photos in square prints or polaroids and glue them to the wall. For my photos I use Bostik Removable Sticky Dots.  For prints I can’t recommend Inkifi enough, they are a best friend of Instagrammer.

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