How to ‘clean’ dirt on photos


A few weeks ago one guy left a comment under one of my photos on Instagram saying: ‘It’s interesting how do you manage to capture empty streets of London!’ I didn’t realize that indeed all my photos tend to be without people on it. The truth is that I just wait for the right moment when there are no people passing. But then I thought that you can actually achieve ’emptiness’ on the photo with an app called TouchRetouch (£1,49 for iOS and Android).  But the primary focus of this app is to remove small things you don’t want to see on a photo.

I use it to clean dirt on photos, like a coffee spot on a cup. Or sometimes I feel like removing an element from the photo to make it look better (you know this feeling when after  you have taken a photo and have already left that specific location you realize there is something wrong with an image… or that you should have moved a bit to the right or to the left…).

I know, there is a photoshop… But I personally prefer to use TouchRetouch app because it’s super easy to use and results are amazing! Today I will show you how to clean a photo from dirt or even remove a person (sorry, Nik!).

This is before and after photo. I will be removing 2 coffee spots, dirt on the wall, a piece of a fence and a plant stick.

OK But First Coffee How to Clean Photos

I have a separate folder for all photo apps I have. Simply open a photo from gallery, zoom in and select a lasso tool on left hand side of the panel.

OK But First Coffee Retouch app

It’s better to zoom in the area to edit because if you select by mistake other areas of the photo – the colors will blend and you won’t get a desired result.

OK But First Coffee How to Clean Photos

Use lasso to draw a line around the area to clean (be accurate and don’t cross the border lines!)

OK But First Coffee How to Clean Photos

On the tools panel press an arrow and here we go, image is clean! Do the same thing with everything you would like to delete.

OK But First Coffee How to Clean Photos

Ok, once I was curious if it’s possible to remove people from the photo. I’ve tried it with a photo of a square (there was just one person I didn’t want to have on the picture) and in mountains. Of course it’s easier to do so if the background is more or less of the same colour. Otherwise you will get blended colors that stand out quite a lot.

OK But First Coffee How to Clean Photos

Same procedure here: zoom in, select an object (or my husband lol) and press ‘Go’!

OK But First Coffee How to Clean Photos

P.S. On this photo I left Nik on it… not to worry! It’s just amazing what you can do in this app 🙂


Enjoy! How do you edit your photos? Please share in the comments!