How to get started as a host on Airbnb – 13 tips after 2 years of being a Superhost


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I have always believed that traveling makes us more open-minded and tolerant to different cultures. The great thing is I literally don’t even have to leave my flat to do that. Hosting on Airbnb has been great because I get to meet so many interesting guests from all around the world!

I’ve hosted a yoga teacher, an environmental activist, an engineer at one of the biggest European airlines, an opera singer, musicians, and many others.

It has also been a great side-hustle since leaving my corporate job, which has helped me to pursue my passion of exploring all the different corners of the UK.

I remember how excited and a little bit nervous I was to meet my first Airbnb guest. Excited, because I like meeting people from different cultures, and nervous because I wanted them to like my space and feel like they were at home.

After my first few guests, hosting became second nature and I always looked forward to meeting new guests. Getting good feedback from guests helped me to improve my listing and the experience I offer to build up to Superhost status.

Here are 13 tips on how to become a good Airbnb host.

1. Make your listing as detailed as possible

Fill in all the sections of the listing and anticipate all the questions you might get. From my experience, the most frequently asked question is how to get to the apartment from the airport.

2. Take high-quality photos

Even if you are not a professional photographer and only have a smartphone at your disposal, you can still take good photos. Clean the lens before shooting and always use daylight only.

3. Add decoration to your spare room to make it feel like home


Paintings, posters, souvenirs from your trips, or some plants can make your bedroom look cozy. Add a few different textiles, i.e. knitted bed cover, as a final touch. I also leave travel books for guests so they have more ideas on what to do.

4. Extra towels

Leave a few extra towels in the cupboard so everything the guest needs is within easy reach without having to ask.

5. House rules

You can include your house’s rules in your listing and print it out so guests don’t miss it. The main rule in my house is that there are no shoes indoors. I also remind guests about this upon arrival.

6. Wifi

I like to include wifi details in the welcome message I send to every accepted booking reservation. This way, they don’t miss it and always have it in their phones.

7. Basic breakfast


Always make sure to leave out tea and coffee of different varieties with some fresh milk in the fridge for their first morning. Nothing is better than waking up with everything ready to go.

8. Plug converter

Make sure you leave a plug converter or two in the bedroom – no one likes to be stuck with no charge!

9. Meet guests in person if possible

It’s nice to meet your guests when they arrive and give them a tour around your place. It’s a great chance to answer all the remaining questions they might have to make their stay enjoyable.

10. Be accessible

Leave your guests a couple of choices on how they can contact you if they need anything. Messaging via the Airbnb platform and by personal phone is usually enough.

11. Make it clear if you have any pets


I once booked a room in Brooklyn, NY and found out there was a massive mastiff dog in a tiny apartment only upon arrival… Luckily I like dogs, but I can imagine the horror for someone who is scared of them. Include your pets in photos and your place’s description.

12. Keep your place clean

This is something guests notice straight away – how clean your space is. If you have guests stay for a long period of time, offer a change of bedsheets. It’s also useful to have a spare rubbish bin in the guest’s room.

13. Your booking setup

I recommend requiring a 2-night minimum stay. This way you will save tons of time spent cleaning, checking in, and checking out. You can also turn off the ‘instant booking’ setting so potential guests have to send you a booking request first, along with a message introducing themselves.