Build an Authentic Instagram Account

A free 5-day email course for bloggers, creatives and creators to set up the foundation for a successful Instagram account.

You know what all successful Instagram accounts have in common?

They focus on a specific niche, post regularly and provide value to their audience.

When I started my IG account, it looked very different from how it looks now. I didn’t think about curating my photos or consider who they were for. Well, the truth is I posted for my friends whom I knew from school and university. Little by little, I’ve developed my own visual style and have built a community of like-minded people.

Instagram is such a powerful tool to express your creativity, get inspired and make interesting connections. It is also one of the best platforms for sharing your blog, work or business.

I see a lot of articles and courses online all say the same thing: niche down, find your tribe and produce content specifically for your target audience. And that’s all 100% correct. But I haven’t seen anything that shows you exactly how to do those things.

That’s why I’ve created Build an Authentic Instagram Account e-course.

What you will learn:

  • How to find your own unique niche and why you need one
  • Who your target audience is and how to target them
  • How to create content your audience will fall in love with
  • The truth about hashtags and how to use them effectively
  • Free marketing strategies you can implement straight away

This course is delivered to you by email every day for five days. Lesson 1 will be in your inbox already today!

By the end of this course, you will have clarity on how to make a cohesive account that attracts your people. Also, I will invite you to continue our Instagram conversation on my private Facebook page, where you can connect with like-minded peers.