London Photo Guide


65 of the best, handpicked locations in London for a perfect photo.



If you see all these cool photos of London but don’t know where to take them,

then you are in the right place!

Want to see the best spots for taking photos in London but only have a short period of time to do so…

London Photo Guide will not only show you all the locations where to take a beautiful photo but also give you ideas and inspiration on how to take that perfect photo

London Instagram Locations

What’s inside:

65 of the best, handpicked locations

Examples of photos you can take there

Map with all the locations broken down by 7 categories

Three suggested routes to explore London while taking photos

Photo ideas and inspiration from London photographers

Londoners’ favourite places to take photos

London Photo Guide Contents


Who is London Photo Guide for?

This guide is for you if…

♥  You are coming to London for the first time and you want to have the best possible experience in a short space of time

♥  You’ve been to London before and already have a photo of Parliament but now you want to take more interesting shots

♥  You’ve seen many cool photos of London on Instagram and wonder where they’ve been taken

♥  You live in London and want to take the next step in exploring it further

♥  You want to be inspired in your photography


I will guide you on your visit to London, whether it’s a 3-day trip or you are only in London for the day. You can choose one of 3 suggested itineraries or take your own path. I will show you all my favourite places to take stunning photos.



Online Map with all the locations and photos. Finding a place for a perfect photo has never been easier. Just open the map from your mobile device and see what’s around you.


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