I registered on Instagram in August 2013 right before my crazy solo trip in Southeast Asia. I thought it would be the best way to keep my memories in one place and let my friends know how I’m doing (and where, hehe). I was using all filters available as well as frames and of course different style collages. It was all new to me and Instagram was just a fun way to socialize and show my life. Then I discovered really beautiful and interesting profiles over there and that’s how the direction of using this social media has changed for me.

I have friends who only post their daily life, kids and cats. That’s fine. I also have those who promote their online shops and businesses. That’s fine too. Everyone chooses why they are on Instagram and I can’t really judge for endless selfies and every move they make.

Oh yes, I don’t like taking selfies. Maybe because I consider it narcissistic or perhaps I simply don’t have such a skill. But wait, I’m lying! I used to take some ridiculous shots of myself for my brother, because he hates them so much. I even had my own hashtag, something like #mybrotherhatesselfies . That was actually fun! Now you can’t find them on my feed simply because I’ve changed and so did my Instagram and how I use it.

So, how I use Instagram today:

1. Geo Tags / Places

I love love love geo tags! I truly believe that’s the best feature ever! Wherever I am or going to go I like to check what others have shared at this particular place. If it’s a restaurant I will quickly scroll #foodporn photos to get some reviews if available. When traveling it helps me to find interesting places to see. It may sound strange, but I also like to see what’s up in different cities through photographs. I used to live in Budapest and I enjoy checking familiar places from time to time. You can basically virtually travel in such way.

2. Inspiration and idea generator

Instagram for me is an endless resource of inspiration and ideas. I love following different photographers for how they see things, capture light and do a composition. I should say it was very addictive at the beginning, I used to spend hours and hours surfing on hashtags. I think if you use Instagram for business or blogging this is a perfect way for you to get to know your target audience too. I always get ideas on what should I post based on comments under others photos in the same niche. It’s a simple and free marketing tool, I love it!

3. City guide

It’s perfect for learning about new places in the city I live. There is nothing more valuable than real people reviews, so I tend to do a quick search on Instagram for new cafes/restaurants/places of interest.Here I have to confess this is one of the ways I find a coffee shop to visit and review for the blog. Luckily London is very popular on Instagram, there are millions of photos of any kind so I always find something new for me.

All these 3 points are connected with each other and this is why I love Instagram. It’s also a great way to find interesting and like-minded people. Some go even further and organize Insta meets, like @london and @welovetobrunch. The last one has limited number of participants and I still haven’t had a chance to attend, but seriously, this idea is brilliant! Makes me think about organizing my own Insta Coffee meet up one day 🙂

Right now my main focus on Instagram is exploring the city and sharing London photos as well as coffee shops to hang out at and other interesting places like stores of simple things.

Over the last couple of months it has grown quite a lot and I wanted to share 7 things I did/still do to make this growth happen.

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