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OK But First Coffee - Vintage Magazine London

There is something about vintage shops that attracts me – the sweet memories of childhood full of new discoveries, a connection with the past when things were very different and that tiny feeling of nostalgia. Vintage shops make me reflect about what people valued in a past comparing to insane time of consumerism nowadays.
In the middle of Soho I stumbled upon ‘Vintage Magazine Shop‘ which I couldn’t ignore. Interestingly, even though Russia is very different from England, the atmosphere of last century in the shop was as I remembered it back home. The only difference is the language on vintage posters – English.
Passing by the shelves with old magazines and postcards I remembered how my old brother and I would find the first chewing gum in the town we lived in – ‘Turbo‘. The most interesting part was to unfold it and check what insert you got. Then there would be a debate who should keep it, and I would always loose…  Then there was a ‘Love is’ mania and perhaps the beginning of scrapbooking in a form of collecting all the inserts in one notebook.
When I’m in such places I would always try to imagine how people used to spend their free time without having 24/7 access to internet, social networks or even mobile phones (I got my first phone in 2001 by the way, which was very big and I didn’t like it). They would probably get together at somebody’s flat, listen to the music and talk without checking their phones constantly. They would exchange books, magazines and discuss where to buy a video player. I think they would spend more time with each other, than nowadays, write real letters instead of face timing and be less anxious about having a perfect profile photo on Facebook ∗
OK But First Coffee - Vintage Magazine London
OK But First Coffee - Vintage Magazine London

OK But First Coffee - Vintage Magazine Shop London

OK But First Coffee - Vintage Magazine Shop London Where? 39-43 Brewer St, London W1F 9UD  View Map


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