How to money while shopping online
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Sounds very promising but I have to warn you this is not how to get rich advice. Also, this is isn’t a scam and actually a good way to get some money back when you buy something online.

How it works

Say you want to buy a new lens for your camera and you start your research for the cheapest price. You find your best deal on eBay and ready to buy.

Instead of doing it directly on eBay, you go to a cashback website and see if there are any deals available for this particular retailer. If yes, go ahead and buy your item through this website and get some money or a % back. After the purchase has been completed and the item has been delivered the retailer will make a payout to a cashback website. You should always read terms and conditions for the deal to check when you can actually withdraw your money.

That’s what I did when I was buying my Fuji 14mm wide angle lens and Mavic Pro drone. For each of purchases, I got 5% of the price back.

Although this doesn’t look like a lot of money, you can end up getting a few hundreds of pounds back at the end of the year. And this means you have your Christmas shopping expenses covered ( and when you shop for Christmas presents you also check retailers at a cashback website 😉 ). Sounds good to me!

Ok, so what shops are actually part of this fantastic deal?

There are 2 top cashback companies here in the UK: Quidco and TopCashBack. I’ve been using Quidco exclusively for some time and now I’ve started using TopCashBack too. It’s best to have different options to choose from.

These sites are totally free to use, however you can upgrade to a Premium Membership for £5 a year (that will only be taken from your earnings, not your bank account) for some extra deals and perks.

There are tons of brands and companies covering almost all the industries. Here are just some of them:

  • Entertainment (Groupon, Expedia,, etc)
  • Travel (,, Easyjet, etc)
  • Electricals ( Currys PC, Argos, Samsung, etc)
  • Fashion (Asos, TopShop, department stores, etc)
  • Sports ( Cotswold outdoor, Holland and Barrett, Sports Direct, etc)
  • Utilities (BT, Sky, TalkTalk, etc)
  • Health & Beauty ( The Body Shop, Superdrug, Clinique, etc)
  • Food & Drink ( Waitrose, Ocaso, Tesco, etc)

Just imagine how much you can get back if you travel a lot and often buy flight tickets!

Ok so say you want to book flight tickets or package holiday via You check Quidco and TopCashBack to see if you can get anything back.

A quick search on Quidco gives me a 9% cashback offer:

While TopCashBack has up to 11% deal:

topcashback cashback review

Next, you click on this deal and you get redirected to and continue booking as usual. Sometimes you need to open a cashback website in Incognito Window so it tracks your purchase correctly. Voila!

If you sign up to Quidco using my link you will get £10 joining bonus. I couldn’t find anything similar for joining TopCashBack, but I recommend you sign up anyway.

Do you know any other ways to save money when shopping? Like a discount online stores, etc. Let me know in the comments!

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