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How to travel business class for £25

London Packing List Summer Ok But First Coffee

As much as I love planning trips in advance I enjoy making spontaneous trips. Last spring when I got redundant at my previous job and was sitting at home and thinking what to do next, I decided to go home and visit my family (also, being without a job in Russia is much cheaper than […]

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An Instagram Guide to Iceland

What to do in Iceland - Black-sand-beach-Iceland

  For Easter, I was thinking of going to New York but my friend convinced me to go to Iceland. Why not? I saw a lot of amazing photos of this place and of course wanted to go there too. I didn’t spend a lot of time preparing for this trip, I only looked at […]

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Let’s Go To Cape Town

Cape Town to do list Ok But First Coffee

If I’m not mistaken it was Autumn of 2000 when we were studying world explorers at geography class. The teacher wasn’t able to keep an order in a class and everyone was talking and not paying attention to what she had to say. But not me. I was so intrigued and fascinated by those people […]

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Lisboa <3

What I love doing the most is planing my trips and booking this time in my calendar. Yes, I’m a planning geek… Anyway, I recently went to Portugal for work and small holiday after. Lisbon is the place where I got an idea of starting this blog. I was very excited to back and explore this […]

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