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20 London Interiors You Need to Instagram

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London is a real gem when it comes to photography. There are many interesting coffee shops, shop exteriors and, of course, cafe and restaurant interiors. I don’t post interior photos on my Instagram but I really love seeing pretty places in my feed. Also, who doesn’t want to go for brunch/lunch/dinner/drinks to a place with […]

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How to Stand out on Instagram With a Little Bit of Magic


I see more and more people on Instagram getting really creative with their photography. I personally like photo editing and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Well, what I mean is it’s ok to enhance some colours, correct exposure, increase/decrease highlights and shadows. I also think it’s ok when people try to add vintage, […]

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How to Display Your Instagram Photos


I don’t really miss the time when we only had film cameras, but I do miss printing out my photos and organise them in albums. Each printed photo had some meaning when nowadays we can take thousands of photos a day and they will be buried either on our phones or laptops. At the same time, […]

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5 of My Favourite Online Classes on iPhone Photography

Katya Jackson London Ok But First Coffee

One of my favourite online platforms to learn new skills is Skillshare. I’ve been a member of this community for almost 2 years now and from time to time I binge watching creative and business related classes. My favourite courses are of course about photography. What I like the most is that they are quite […]

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14 Coffee Shops In London You Want to Instagram


Photos of coffee and coffee shops interiors are still trending on Instagram and London is the perfect place to master this type of photography. I’m not going to lie if I say that sometimes I pick Instagram-worthy places for my meetings (guilty).  What attracts me in coffee shops as a photographer is a combination of a […]

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How to Compose your London Photos like a Pro

How To Compose Your London Photos Like a PRO

“Remember, the composition is important, but also rules are meant to be broken,” says Steve McCurry, an American editorial photographer best known for his 1984 photograph ‘Afghan Girl’. “So the main point is to enjoy yourself while you’re photographing and photograph in your own way and your own style.” Instead of rules, let’s talk about […]

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5 Mistakes You Make on Instagram

People keep asking me questions about Instagram and I simply can’t help but write about this social platform on my blog. I’ve already shared my ideas on ‘Why I love Instagram without taking endless selfies’ and ‘3 fundamental steps to grow your following’. Then for one week only I offered a free Instagram Audit where […]

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