20 London Interiors You Need to Instagram

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London is a real gem when it comes to photography. There are many interesting coffee shops, shop exteriors and, of course, cafe and restaurant interiors. I don’t post interior photos on my Instagram but I really love seeing pretty places in my feed. Also, who doesn’t want to go for brunch/lunch/dinner/drinks to a place with […]

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McQueens Flower School 20th Anniversary Celebration

mcqueens flower school london

A few weeks ago I was a guest at McQueens Flower School 20th Anniversary party/workshop in Bethnal Green. McQueens is a well-established brand not only selling beautiful flowers but also decorating London venues with gorgeous designs.   I remember a few years ago I was thinking about becoming a florist but I did nothing and gave […]

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10 Day Trips for Londoners this Summer


I was filling in my calendar for June the other day and realized there were only 11 weekends left this Summer. At first it seems like you have plenty of time, but in reality, I already see myself at the end of August surprised where has this summer gone. The weather in passed May was […]

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Snowy London

snow in london ok but first coffee

I woke up this morning to finally see my dream came true – it’s snowing in London! I got very excited to see Central London covered in snow so I basically ran there. By the time I got there (after of course being stuck in a tube tunnel for a while) it all melted. Still, […]

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Celebrating the art of coffee at Costa in Brixton

ok but first coffee costa coffee brixton 7

This week I had a chance to visit a Costa store in Brixton that had been recently refurbished to create speedier service and a fresher in-store environment. They did an amazing job! The store looks very modern and trendy, space is big but still makes you feel cosy.   The Brixton Costa launched a new […]

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Magnolia Bloom in London

magnolia bloom in london blog ok but first coffee katya jackson

Spring is undoubtedly the most beautiful season in London. It starts with the first blooming tree – at the beginning of Portobello Road, followed by beautiful magnolia, cherry and wisteria blooms. At this time Instagram is going crazy, everyone is getting excited about checking their favourite photo spots. The best place to go is of course Notting Hill. […]

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14 Coffee Shops In London You Want to Instagram


Photos of coffee and coffee shops interiors are still trending on Instagram and London is the perfect place to master this type of photography. I’m not going to lie if I say that sometimes I pick Instagram-worthy places for my meetings (guilty).  What attracts me in coffee shops as a photographer is a combination of a […]

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