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9 Moments

9 Moments of September 2016

I’m very thankful for this September; it’s been full of interesting people, places and surprises. As always I had a hard time choosing only 9 photos to summarize the past month. Between painting the flat and sanding windows (never ever again…) I had a chance to visit the house of English textile designer William Morris. […]

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9 Moments of August 2016

In August I started a new project for myself – UK Bucket List. The idea is to motivate myself to explore London and the UK more while there is a dangerous possibility to postpone everything to the last moment. To my surprise this initiative was supported by my friends (and even colleagues) and we teamed […]

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9 Moments of July 2016

It was July when I realized I still hadn’t done certain things in London (and in this country) I wanted since I got here. In panic I drafted UK Bucket list: 80 Places To Go, Things To Do And Food To Try and exhaled with a relief – now I have a plan!  I believe […]

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9 Moments of June 2016

We are still in the middle of never ending decoration of our flat (‘remont‘ in Russian). At some point I stopped worrying about finishing it as soon as possible and spending every weekend on it. In June we only did a small progress and this is why: Weekend in Prague to attend a wedding of […]

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9 Moments of April 2016

Ok But First Coffee 9 Moments of April Katya Jackson

At the beginning of the month I was walking home on Kings Road when I saw people gathering at front of Saatchi Gallery. I knew there was an exhibition about to open so I stopped to check what was going on. Apparently Rolling Stones were coming and band’s fans came to say hello. This is […]

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9 Moments of March 2016

Ok But First Coffee London Blog 9 Moments of March

Here is my monthly update in 9 photos from my Instagram feed. I like to keep my memories in such a way, so preparing a post in this category brings me a lot of joy and self reflection at the same time. I knew March would be crazy because I planned a LOT. And it […]

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9 Moments of February 2016

OK But First Coffee 9 moments of February

Winter is over (only on a calendar) and it’s time to sum up February in 9 pictures. If I was to describe February in just one word it would be ‘Cold‘. It’s been bloody cold! But it seems that magnolias are fine with such weather and have decided to start blooming all around the city. […]

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9 Moments of January 2016

What, is it February already?? At the beginning of the year everybody was praying to get it through to February as soon as possible and here we are. 1st of January, 00:01, club in Brixton. I didn’t make any wishes and didn’t think about New Year resolutions. And I should say it feels so good! […]

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