A few weeks ago I was traveling in Israel and it was quite an intense trip. Jumping into a car, driving to a new town, checking in, having lunch, sightseeing, and repeat. Only in Jerusalem did I have a chance to slow down and check out ‘off the map’ places like hidden local coffee shops.

Located in a courtyard, Tmol Shilshom isn’t easy to find but worth the effort. I like how Israelis pay a lot of attention to plants (they are literally at every balcony and used to decorate almost every entrance), so the first thing you see is a big pot. A few steps up and you get to choose where to go – to the right where it looks like ordinary cafe or to the left where you get into a book haven with big cozy arm chairs in the corner of the room and lots of stuff to read.

The place has its own unique atmosphere – simple and relaxed, where you feel at home and away from queuing tourists and pilgrims. For 16 shekels or £2.60, you get a big latte which you can enjoy on the small balcony. Here, you can be almost exclusively alone – the absence of fans and A/C makes it not so popular among visitors and a perfect place to chill out.

I found the service in Israel surprisingly slow, but here it’s different – a hipster looking tattooed girl that doesn’t make you wait long for the moment you can enjoy your afternoon coffee ∗



Where? Solomon Str, Jerusalem, Israel