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Katya Jackson

Drink coffee like a Queen

So basically, if you ever wanted to feel as a King or a Queen and have your cup of coffee in a place looks like a palace room with high ceilings, mosaic windows and live classic music – you should head to Victoria & Albert Museum. It’s not so obvious from outside, but шf you […]

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Lisboa <3

What I love doing the most is planing my trips and booking this time in my calendar. Yes, I’m a planning geek… Anyway, I recently went to Portugal for work and small holiday after. Lisbon is the place where I got an idea of starting this blog. I was very excited to back and explore this […]

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9 Moments of September 2016

I’m very thankful for this September; it’s been full of interesting people, places and surprises. As always I had a hard time choosing only 9 photos to summarize the past month. Between painting the flat and sanding windows (never ever again…) I had a chance to visit the house of English textile designer William Morris. […]

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Costa Coffee Flat White Masterclass

Every Saturday my husband and I start the day with a discussion on who’s going to get out of bed and make the coffee. Whilst I don´t really have a problem with it being me, Nick’s argument is that I have a coffee blog and so there’s no question about who the coffee maker is […]

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9 Moments of August 2016

In August I started a new project for myself – UK Bucket List. The idea is to motivate myself to explore London and the UK more while there is a dangerous possibility to postpone everything to the last moment. To my surprise this initiative was supported by my friends (and even colleagues) and we teamed […]

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5 Mistakes You Make on Instagram

People keep asking me questions about Instagram and I simply can’t help but write about this social platform on my blog. I’ve already shared my ideas on ‘Why I love Instagram without taking endless selfies’ and ‘3 fundamental steps to grow your following’. Then for one week only I offered a free Instagram Audit where […]

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Lavender Farm in London

When you think about a big city what do you picture yourself? Probably a lot of commercial and residential buildings, shops, monuments and some parks. What I love about London is that you can have such amazing places as lavender farms right in the city! Yes, it’s not in the centre, but still not that […]

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