OK But First Coffee 9 moments of February

Winter is over (only on a calendar) and it’s time to sum up February in 9 pictures. If I was to describe February in just one word it would be ‘Cold‘. It’s been bloody cold! But it seems that magnolias are fine with such weather and have decided to start blooming all around the city. And it’s only the beginning!

Despite the weather I started to explore Brixton. It’s just 20 min walking distance from my home and such a London place! There is a local market with cheap flowers, a lot of places to go for a drink or lunch (like Brixton Village) and more. Brixton village is a covered market with food, restaurants and shops. I went there twice for a weekend brunch and the main advice will be to get there at 10 am. Later it will be filled with locals and tourists – it’s becoming very popular.

In February I planned to spend every weekend going out to explore London for London Photography Guide, but most of the time it was raining. I love you, London <3 … Anyway, when one morning I woke because of the sun I literally ran outside to take photos of St.Paul’s from different locations and angles. 1,5 hours later sun was gone, sky became grey and I was almost blown away with the wind. As I said on Instagram on that day, the rule is: if it’s sunny in London – go out QUICK.

I also had a chance to go to London Fashion Weekend in Saatchi Gallery. With basic (or bronze) ticket we only got access to a shopping area to check out British designers collections. I didn’t plan buying anything but I ended up with Muubaa leather jacket and M.i.h boyfriend’s jeans… (honestly, my mind was blown away by discounts!)

How was your February? What was the most memorable thing for you? See you in the comments 🙂



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