We are still in the middle of never ending decoration of our flat (‘remont‘ in Russian). At some point I stopped worrying about finishing it as soon as possible and spending every weekend on it. In June we only did a small progress and this is why:

Weekend in Prague to attend a wedding of our friends. I once spent a month there (10 years ago actually) and it felt so good to come back again. We had a little time to explore the city, but I had a chance to check the bar/club where I used to go back in that time. I was really surprised to find same barmen still working there (to my friend Katya – yes, we went to Bombay, ha!).

Blogtacular conference for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers. I went there last year and it gave me motivation and confidence to start this blog. This year keynote speakers were artist and author Lisa Condon and one of the first employees on Pinterest Enid Hwang. Both were very inspirational about being a creative person and gave me a lot of food for thoughts. I learned a new phrase in English describing what I thought only I experience all the time – vulnerability hangover… It’s when you share something personal and then constantly thinking why you did that. It happens to me all the time!

Ok, next.

Glastonbury. I couldn’t believe it when we got tickets last October. It seemed almost impossible to buy them because they usually sold out in 30-40 minutes. We had to login to festival’s website from five (5!) devices and successfully managed to get through the online queue. Yeay! All I can say it that was one of the best experiences in England. So many happy people and so many artists! I survived 4 nights in a tent, mud, public toilets that doesn’t provide you much privacy, lack of shower… In return I got an amazing festival vibes and good music! I didn’t take any photos and this only means I was enjoying every moment there 😉

Coffee and Desk Instagram. In June I decided to start niche account on Instagram devoted to coffee on a desk. I love these pretty flat lays with coffee and a table mess, but it doesn’t fit the theme of my personal account much. Check it out – @CoffeeNDesk !

Can’t leave June post with a comment on London weather. On the first of June I was wearing gloves and it wasn’t fun at all.  And then it was raining, raining and raining … What can I say, TIEThis Is England! It really rains a lot here.



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