It was July when I realized I still hadn’t done certain things in London (and in this country) I wanted since I got here. In panic I drafted UK Bucket list: 80 Places To Go, Things To Do And Food To Try and exhaled with a relief – now I have a plan!  I believe that when you write things down, whether it’s a plan or a dream, it becomes more real and achievable.

Two days later I have already ticked 2 boxes off the list, which was really unexpected as I didn’t plan it at all – I finally watched a play in Shakespear’s Globe Theatre (“Macbeth”) and had a well-known Sunday roast. Learning point number one – write down everything you want to do. I’m an old school girl; I have a pocket size notebook where I write important things and ‘to do’ lists. It’s always with me whenever I need it.

Later in the month I got on a plane and went home for a holiday. As always it was very intense because there are too many good people to meet and catch up with.  Saint Petersburg in summer is simply amazing. I haven’t been home for a year and a half so I tried to spend every free minute just to walk the streets I like and enjoy city’s beautiful architecture and landscape. As always, one  week was not enough and here comes learning point number two – come back home more often. It’s only now that I started to really appreciate time spent with my family…

On the way back I stopped in Munich for 10 hours. Sounds like a crazy connection flight, but I thought it was a great idea to visit my dear friend there. It was indeed! As always, the time was not enough to chat about everything we wanted, but it was very nice to meet each other. Learning point number three – if you live within 2h flight from your friends, make time to meet them regardless of your busy schedule.

I July I have also launched series of photo challenges on Instagram. How it works is on Monday I announce a topic for photos to take during the week and on Sunday I publish some of them. My idea is to get outside of a comfort zone and to boost creativity. If you are interested, check out this week’s challenge hashtag – #kj_colmatching.



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