9 moments of december ok but first coffee

December was the month when we finally moved into our new flat and I had my first British Christmas.

We have finally moved to the top floor 2 bedroom flat in South East London with a huge terrace overlooking rooftops. When I was having coffee one Saturday (photo above) I surprisingly realized I have always dreamed about having my own space at the rooftop. Sometimes dreams really come true… in a bit different way than we picture it in our minds.

I also went on a mini holiday with my family in Tallinn which looks like from a fairy tale in December. It was really nice 3 days with them and one of my new year resolutions (even though I’ve decided not to have any) is to meet my family and close friends more often. I think I’m getting old…

Last summer I pre-ordered a book from amazing Garance DoreLove Style Life. I got in October and read in two days. Needless to say I loved it! I laughed, I nodded with the smile and thoughts like ‘Yes, I do the same’ or ‘So true!’, I simply wanted this book to never end. Anyway,  to my surprise Garance was going on a book tour and London was on the list too! Moreover it was organized in Club Monaco at Sloane Square, just 15 minutes from my work.  Perfect!

The month ended with another small holiday on Isle of Wight – the place with strong winds and white cliffs. Christmas celebration was something  I never done  in my life (we celebrate New Year in Russia instead) and I had a really relaxed time there. I wish we could stay longer but I had to go back to work so we got back to London for New Years.


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