9 Moments of August OK But First Coffee Katya Jackson

In August I started a new project for myself – UK Bucket List. The idea is to motivate myself to explore London and the UK more while there is a dangerous possibility to postpone everything to the last moment. To my surprise this initiative was supported by my friends (and even colleagues) and we teamed up to tick off the boxes from my list together.

I have finally visited Lavender farm in London as well as Buckingham Palace – something I had been thinking about for 2 years. We spend half a day taking photos in lavender which you can check here.

I’m also constantly trying to overcome my fear of the heights, that’s why I force myself to go the skyscrapers where possible. So far no results, I still feel dizzy every time I go up. But I simply couldn’t miss this view of London from Duck&Waffle (as well any other opportunity to take photo of London from above).

August ended with a  nice weather and a wedding  party on one of the beaches of Cornwall – an amazing place in the South West of England. We had to wait a few hours for a tide to go out before we could climb down the rocks to the beach… and party!

Coffee shop of August – Prufrock Coffee

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