40Bagsin40Days Decluttering Challenge Ok But First Coffee

This year ‘Ok, But First Coffee’ will turn 3 years. It started as a place where I would share photos of London coffee shops. It worked as a motivation to explore this city and go to places I usually don’t go. Then the focus moved to mobile photography and memory keeping on Instagram. Even though the name of the blog has a word ‘coffee’ it’s not about coffee at all. It’s about things that make me happy, i.e. photography and discovering new places. In the beginning of this year, I started thinking about simplifying my life and slowing down. And I think it will be a new category of posts here.

What it means for me is to live more in present, enjoy small things and try something new.  It’s also about starting doing what I’ve been thinking about for 10 years, getting rid of things that don’t make me happy and becoming a minimalist. Also, since I don’t have a standard 9-5 job anymore, I’m trying to be cost-conscious, save more and spend less.

We live in a small 64 sq m flat which doesn’t have any room for storage but 2 small wardrobes. It’s all packed so you can hardly close the doors. There is also some space under the beds, and it’s filled up as well. A few weeks ago I managed to go through half the stuff and get rid of 7 huge bags of various things, but there is so much more left… We also have tons of books and most of them go to eBay.

When I saw this “40 bags in 40 days” decluttering challenge I thought I had to participate. Ann Marie has been hosting this challenge for 7 years now and suggests to declutter 1 area a day. It helps not only to get rid of things you don’t need but to actually simplify your life.

Here is my list of 40 areas I will declutter and the main challenge here is to sort out files on my laptop and phone. There are 55 GB of photos and it’s been an ongoing challenge to sort them out. I’m aiming to finish in less than 40 days, let’s say by the end of March. Can’t wait to start tomorrow!


1. Under the sink
2. Lower cabinet with food and dishes
3. Upper cabinet with spices, teas, nuts and other clutter
4. Drawer with trays and all sort of carbs

Living Room

5. Drawer with documents and bills
6. Drawer with all the small things that don’t fit anywhere
7. Old notebooks, planners, notes
8. Coffee table
9. Old speakers, etc


10. Bed drawers
11. Box with old cables, mobile phones, etc
12. Old Laptops
13. Side table 1
14. Side table 2
15. Makeup box
16. Wardrobe
17. Area behind the wardrobe
18. Big bag with all the clothes
19. Box with towels
20. Medical box
21. Cushions


22. ‘Downloads’ folder
23. ‘From the Desktop’ folder
24. ‘All from old iPhone’ folder
25. Photos 2009-2011
26. Photos 2013-2014
27. Photos 2015-2016
28. All other folders with photos
29. Folder with my blog files
30. Google Drive
31. Evernote
32. Apps and programs
33. Email Subscriptions


34. Apps
35. iBooks
36. Kindle Books
37. Podcasts
38. Photos (around 7k now…)
39. Notes

40. Apps on iPad

There is a group on Facebook for those who is decluttering as well as Ann Marie’s post on her blog ‘White House Black Shutters’.


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